Font Selections

Not all Fonts are available on all customizable products. Check the description and options available. Always feel free to ask as well, but most established pieces already have all possible fonts listed. Sometimes, if you have less text (for example, initials only on a pendant, etc) you can choose larger fonts. Or, conversely, if you have extra long quotes, you can choose a smaller font. Inquire if you think you would like to use something not on the list.

Below are examples of ALL fonts. Please read this information, as it is critical to your decision. The possible fonts for your piece SHOULD be in the description and/or choices, but if not, here’s a sizing guide. I’ve also listed popular pieces and what they would likely fit. Remember, it’s an art, not a science 😉

Also, a FONT MENU BELOW (organized alphabetically) below the chart shows you each font and the individual characteristics and photo gallery. Please note, if a font appears solely in upper or lower caps, that’s all that’s available in that font. If both are used, then both are available.



Tiny Fonts (1.5mm - 2.5mm)  Many of these fit on pretty much anything, but some of them are truly tiny. Often pieces that can normally take a medium or large font, can do 2-3 lines with an extra small font.  However, there may be a charge for an excessive amount of text =)

Medium Fonts 3.0mm - 3.5mm) are the most versatile. Due to the length of the tails on some letters, their suitability for some pieces may vary (see “Sumner” font to the left for an example. I stamped, "poetry” after the name to show how long the tails are in comparison to the other letters.

Plus & Grande Fonts (4.0mm - 6.5mm) only fit on pieces where indicated, and often are used for just a few letter(s), such as initials. They offer some really fun options as more creative styles are possible with the larger size.  Please note a large size font may be offered on a piece, but with the intention of perhaps one letter, a date, or one word.  

Epic Fonts (7.0mm - 12.0mm) are for Single Letters, Initials, or super large pieces like Ornaments. Definitely fun, too!


Click on the link or photo to see a page with photos of that font being used.  Note that some of my newer fonts have fewer examples than those I've had for many years.
 Alki Beach (5.0mm) - Whimsical and unique, yet super readable!  A favorite.  All Caps.

 Arlington (2.0mm) Arlington is a small, italic font with a handwritten feel. 

 Bellevue (2.0mm) - A distinct, Art Noveau feel to this all-caps font.  Another old favorite.  Tiny.

 Bellingham (1.5mm) - Bellingham is a sharp and tiny font that is incredibly clear for its small size. Awesome for Medical Bracelets.
 Big Seattle (5.0mm) - This font is smooth and readable.  Using just the caps or lowercase also gives a distinct look.  This size is bigger, but we also have a Lil Seattle, the exact same, but 3.0mm.  This is one of my favorites.  It always looks classy yet casual.

 Blue Glacier (2.5mm) - While this font says 2.5mm, I feel it looks a bit larger.  It's still very compact and awesome for making a statement in a relatively small area.  It's an outline block font - a smaller format of the font called Chinook.

 Blyn (4.0mm)Blyn is the coolest gaelic/irish inspired font. Pretty much makes anything look awesome.  (looking for this smaller?  Check out Fenwick Island)

 Buckley (2.0mm) - All caps, serif tiny font.  Popular for men, medical bracelets, and pretty much any pendant or bracelet with lots of text or a minimalist look.

 Cascade (3.0mm) - Cascade is a medium, all around typewriter style font.  It takes on different looks depending on the finish of the piece.

 Cashmere (2.0mm) Awesome versatile handwritten font, basically a smaller sized "Olympic" - my all-time most popular font.  Really great when you need to fit some text in a small space, or want a minimalist look.

 Centralia (1.5mm)This is a small, classic typewriter style font. It can give an awesome rustic look when paired with the right finish and piece, or a nice uniform look. 

 Chelan (2.8mm) Chelan is a classic cursive font – perfect for almost any occasion. It is medium sized, and fits on most pieces.

 Cherry Creek (3.0mm) - Cherry Creek is a carefree cursive - open and whimsical.  This is a smaller version of Ruston.  

 Chinook (3.75mm) - This outline font is perfect for emphasis, names, etc.  Caps only.

 Columbia (3.5mm)Columbia is a serif font, that at first glance may mimic typewriter, but then you see... there are some mixed-cap letters (like a capital R in both upper and lower case) and an overall whimsical look.  It's great for many applications, and super readable.
 Diablo Lake (2.0mm) - The smallest version of my unique, mixed-cap font (uppers and lowers in a single case, mixed together).  Super readable and awesome for men's pieces.  Always hard to find a font that looks good on masculine pieces.  


 Dragontail Open (6.0mm) This outline font is an exclusive we had custom made, and it's so cool!  It kind of has that "Alice in Wonderland" meets "Creepy Halloween" feel.  It's large for ornaments, initials, and emphasized words.  It's also a larger version of our Dry Falls and Diablo Lake fonts  (much smaller & not outlined, but the same design of font).
 Dupont (3.0mm) - Dupont is a whimsical, very readable medium sized font. It consists of 2 sets of mixed case letters. 

 Duvall (6.0mm)Duvall is a large, partially double-stroke font that is fun and readable. Great for initials, large pieces, ornaments, etc. 

 Everett (3.0mm)Everett is a crisp, non serif font in a medium size.  It looks great and extremely readable on almost any piece. 
Fairfax (Custom Lined UC)
 Fenwick Island (2.8mm) - Fenwick Island is the coolest gaelic/irish inspired font. Pretty much makes anything look awesome. (this is the smaller brother of Blyn)
 Ferndale (3.2mm) Ferndale is a flowing, cursive font in a small to medium size. There is a level of privacy to this font, as it can’t be easily read from a distance or during movement, but is definitely known to the wearer.

 Fremont (2.8mm) Fremont is a medium handwritten font, very popular and versatile.

 Gold Creek (3.0mm) - Gold Creek is a medium tattoo-inspired font in caps only. Matches its larger brother font, Port Townsend, perfectly.
 Grandview (2.8mm)This is a small to medium classic cursive font. The uppers make great formal initials, and the lowers fit together well and generally very even. 

 Harley (2.0mm) - This is a small, classic serif style font in caps only. It can give an awesome rustic look when paired with the right finish and piece, or a nice uniform look.

 Hurricane Ridge (5.0mm) Hurricane Ridge is an all- caps, very even and classy font.  Really great for many applications, totally unisex.

 Icicle Road (3.0mm)Icicle Road is one of those sleepers ... seems kind of simple, a bit messy, until you really see it in action.  It ends up always looking very even, despite the casualness of the characters.  It looks awesome on anything for men/boys, or just a unisex appeal.  One of my favorites.

 Kennewick (2.8mm)Kennewick is a custom, unique serif font.  It's reminiscent of typewriter, but more stylized.  Perfectly unisex, and a solid choice for many versatile looks.

 Leavenworth (1.5mm)A tiny, unicase font, with 6 characters being both uppers and lowers.  It's super even and really looks great.  Unisex. 

 Lil Seattle (3.0mm) - This is such a smooth font.  It looks fabulous on almost anything.  The lowers are small, and can fit in a smaller space.  The uppers are huge - a totally different look. Really a polished font.

 Magnolia (3.0mm)This is a super versatile smallish readable cursive font. It’s size allows for it to be suitable for many different pieces.

 Medina (5.0mm) - this is an interesting, outline font that is all fancy caps, with a relatively thin line.  It makes lovely standout text.

 Mercer (10.0mm) - (coming soon) This font is huge!  And wonderful. Great for initials, ornaments, and all kinds of specialty pieces.

 Montlake (2.5mm) - This is a super versatile smallish readable cursive font. It’s size allows for it to be suitable for many different pieces. 

 Mystic Lake (6.5mm) I love this fun font! It is a tribute to the outdoors and fun happenings. Definitely only works on large pieces, ornaments, and as single letters or initials. Each letter is unique - I have uppers, lowers and numbers.  This is a custom font.

 Newport (4.0mm) - Stylized All-caps font, always a really standout look.  I also have this font in 2mm size (half) - it's called Northgate.

 Northgate (2.0mm) - I love this font - such a modern look. Small enough for most applications. Unisex. All caps. I also have this font in a large 4.0mm.  It's called Newport.

 Odessa (5.0mm) - This is a large, narrow, classic serif style font. It can give an awesome rustic look when paired with the right finish and piece, or a nice uniform look. It makes great initials as well. 

 Olympic (3.2mm) Olympic is a handwritten, italic font in a medium size.  It’s one of my all-time most popular, formerly called Exclusive Script.

 Pacific (1.5mm) Pacific is a small, even, all-caps font that pretty much looks good on any design. 

Paradise - Coming Soon

 Pike Place (5.0mm) - Pike Place is a tall, homestyle all caps 3mm font. It’s unisex and a very popular look. 

Port Townsend (5.0mm) - (coming soon!) Port Townsend is a large tattoo-inspired font in caps only. Matches its medium brother font, Gold Creek, perfectly. 

 Quincy (3.5mm) Quincy is a medium, super clear print with decorative capitals. It’s a great choice when looking for a basic medium print with a decorative flair. The caps make great Initials or Singles. 

 Rainier (3.2mm) Rainier is a crisp, medium and even all-caps font.  Suitable for almost any design.

 Ravenna (3.0mm)Super versatile all-caps font that somehow manages to be both whimsical and readable.  Very popular.

 Ruston (5.0mm) This font is a sassy, updated cursive. Looks great on larger pieces.  Still very readable, even though whimsical!

Silver Falls - Coming Soon!

Space Needle - Coming Soon!

 Sumner (3.0mm) - The Sumner font is a poetic cursive... it is lower case only by default (unless uppers are specifically requested, all letters are done in lower case).  It's excellent for messages and phrases that you'd like to be a bit private... pretty, but not immediately readable.  It's been very popular over the last 10 years.  It is also one of a kind, as I had it made just for me over a decade ago. It is a small font, but it has long "tails" (like the g, h, b, and j), so it fits best on pieces with at least 4-5mm of vertical space.  It seems to be very popular with lyrics.  

 Tacoma (3.0mm) - Tacoma is a black-lettered font in a medium size, with a specific Ye Olde English look to it.  Really makes a statement. 

 The Enchantments (10.0mm)I special ordered this amazing, large sized font for a unique expression of everything from initials to names on ornaments, as shown.  Each letter, upper, lower, or number, is completely unique and hand-drawn.  This font is custom for me.  

 Tolmie Peak (3.0) Very even, pleasing mixed-case font.  Lower and uppers are mixed, but all equally sized.  Really nice looking and fits on a variety of designs really well.

 Underground (2.5mm) This is a serif, mixed-case font.  Which means that there are upper and lower case, same sized, mixed.  It's quite versatile.  Very fun and can have different looks depending on placement.

 Vashon (3.0mm)  Vashon is a “curly” font, with a Fairy Tale look. Medium sized, and has always been quite popular.  Awesome for girlie- girls.

Willow (6.5mm) Photos coming soon - As the name suggests, this font version has leaves intertwined with the letters - so pretty, especially just for the Caps or the first letter.  Pairs well with Fairfax.

 Winlock (3.8mm)Winlock is a variable-letter font with 3 different sizes of letters, whimsically arranged.  The composition is the choice of the artist, but all will look similar to these examples.  A super custom, unique feel.  Unusual.