Current Shipping Times

These APPROXIMATE times (scroll below) are updated regularly - please ensure that they work with your occasion/Holiday/gift plans.


Forging Time (Click here to see more about Forging Times) = the time it takes us to make your custom and/or made-to-order item(s)

Shipping Time = the time it takes for your chosen method of shipping to travel from our Shop/Studio to your destination


Resist the Urge to Believe that We know ANY MORE than You Do when it comes to the USPS, FedEx, or UPS. 

Once we drop that package, it's in the control of your chosen carrier.  We only know what you do.  We do NOT have a crystal ball!!!!  I promise!!! 



1. Check your tracking number provided when your package is shipped. 

2. If you needed it sooner and it's running late, that's not on us. 

3. If you decided to risk regular shipping with no insurance - that's not on us.  We shipped it, and we met our obligations. 

4. If you decided to risk regular shipping when you needed it quickly - that's on you also. 

 Be AWARE:  FEDEX and UPS are not actually guaranteeing their shipping times at Holiday time.  It's in the fine print.  I know, because I've tried to get refunds.  Nope, Holidays are an exception.  So, if you do pay for these options, know that you won't get your money back =(  I know, we think it's lame, too.

We are not magical unicorns.  Believe me, I wish we were.

We are a small family operation.  We cannot cover for every shipping issue out of our own pockets.  That being said, we will assist however we can if you decide to contact your chosen carrier.  We know you don't have extra cash laying around to lose, either.  Let's talk and be reasonable.  But understand - we are not a large corporation who will just "send out a new one".  I trust if you are shopping "small", you understand this.

Before having a heart attack, or writing a rude email, please consider the above.  We will help as much as we can.  But we only know what you do, and if there is a record of the shipment, you know WE fulfilled your order. If it is lost and you chose not to pay for insurance, we cannot pay for your choice.


Thank you, as always, for your business and support.  Thank you also, for being a reasonable human being, and we will do our best to assist in your endeavor.  I think you will find we are quite fair.  We are consumers, also.