About Jilted Fairytales

Snarky & Irreverent Jewelry, Accessories, Cards, and Gifts

"Everything you never needed for the event that you never knew would happen."

FAIR WARNING:  This collection contains cussing, nudity, irony, and general bitchiness.  Do not click if this is not for you.  You have been warned.

Founded in 2009, Jilted Fairytales grew out of a time in my life when my first husband had left me with our four small children, and I was pretty angry at the world.  I embraced my ironic and snarky sense of humor and Jilted Fairytales was founded.  Even over a decade later, I still have fun with the cheeky items that satisfy my inner "bitch".  If you like humor and are not offended by cussing, nudity, irony, or general bitchiness, then this collection is for you.  Many items make excellent divorce "gifts" or just friendship bonding.

If this isn't for you, just skip it.  No flaming emails necessary =)

Click here to see the Jilted Fairytales Collection (more to follow soon - re-vamping our products!)