Materials Gallery: Metal Clay

Metal clays are tiny particles of metal mixed with an organic binder.  All have different working properties, but the end result is that when kiln or torch fired, the organic binders burn off, the metal sinters, and it becomes solid metal.  It's an amazing tool to create almost anything.  It seems simple, but each clay has challenges - some are goopey, some hard, some crumbly - all needing treatments.  It's important to consider the burnoff when adding anything, like oil, to the clay.  How long and how hot it is fired is also critical, so that it is strong, not brittle, or perhaps not fully sintered (bonded).  I have cried over many kiln results!!!  Again, time and practice are the best teachers.

This is a gallery of pieces I've made with different metal clays - silver (999), sterling silver (925), copper, bronze, white copper, even steel!  More to follow.