Oh No! Something's Wrong!

Something wrong with your order?  Don't panic!  We are here to help.

Some common issues & solutions:
Problem:  We made a mistake on your order, and it can't be fixed without replacement.  Examples:
  • wrong font
  • wrong spelling
  • letter is upside down or the like
  • Symbol is wrong or missing
  • wrong finish
  • wrong size that cannot be fixed without a remake (bracelets, cuffs, bangles, and necklaces that are part of the design, not just a chain)

How we make it right:  So sorry we made a mistake!  We will work it out with you depending on your preference and the situation, but it will be one of these:

  • We will send you a prepaid electronic label for you to print out & send the item back to us. We will fix or replace it as soon as possible.
  • We will send you a physical prepaid envelope if you cannot print an emailed label, for you to send the erroneous piece back.
  • We may send you a replacement before you send it back, and include the pre-paid label for return with the replacement, dependent on the situation and at our discretion.

Problem:  We made a minor error that can be corrected without a return of the item. 

How we make it right: So sorry we made a mistake!  We will work it out with you depending on your preference and the situation, but it will be one of these:

  • Problem 1: Wrong length of necklace chain. 
  • Solution 1:  We will send you a new chain, with a prepaid envelope for the return of the original.
  • Problem 2:  A pendant, charm or tag has fallen off
  • Solution 2:  Depending on the condition of the item, we can show you how to re-attach, we can send you a new pendant/charm/tag, or we can repair it.
  • Problem 3: We forgot something that can be added without returning the piece (e.g, a name tag, birthstone crystal, etc.)
  • Solution 3: We will send you the missing piece ASAP.

Shipping Issues - please see our SHIPPING POLICIES PAGE.

Of course, not all scenarios are covered above, but those are pretty straightforward.  One more solution here to help with TIMING of GIFTS:

  • Problem:  Your occasion has almost arrived, and the item is not there yet (for any reason - yours, ours, postal, etc).
  • Solution:  We often take photos of your item before it is shipped.  If we did this with yours, we can send it to you so you can slip it into a card for the gift recipient.  Alternatively, you can print a photo of the item (if it was not customized or we do not have a photo of yours specifically) for the same purpose.  Please note, we do not under any circumstances refund your order due to the timing of its arrival.

Occasionally, we do hear from customers who are not happy with their item, but it's not because we did anything wrong, and the piece is as described.  Please see the Shop Policies page as a reminder of what you agreed to when you purchased... including no refunds for custom orders, delayed timing, errors in the choices of the buyer, or buyer's remorse. However, we do want you to have something you are happy with, so we will work with these situations individually and our discretion to determine what, if any, action we will take to assist.

For all of the above, of course, please do use our Contact Us form for the quickest reply:

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