About Sean Allen Silver

Like No Other - Bespoke Jewelry for the Everyday Man

Sean Allen Silver was founded when my husband (yes, he is "Sean Allen") began to help me test and design a beautiful line of mens and boys jewelry and gift items. Being adept with pretty much any tool, my skills increased exponentially as he helped me add a rich diversity to my silversmithing studio.  Hydraulic presses for cutters and dies, a quality Rolling Mill to make my own metal sheet and wire, as well as unique and custom patterns... a new propane torch (much hotter than my butane), resin pouring, mold making, pewter casting, enameling and metal clay in the kiln... the possibilities are endless!  

We are very proud of this Collection, which boasts some old favorites (circa 2005 - 2016) and lots of new designs as well.  Everything you purchase from this Collection has been "Sean Allen" approved - meaning he wore the design (or used) for at least a month before we offered it for sale to the public. He's an electrician by trade, and takes care of our home, property, and 5 children.  The man is hard on his jewelry.  If it passes his test, chances are it will work for you, too.  Nothing delicate here.

(that being said, always make sure you check the Jewelry Care Tips so you are keeping within the boundaries of "everyday wear") ;)

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 Like No Other - Bespoke Jewelry for the Everyday Man