Hand-Drawn and Etched Copper and Sterling Silver Car Grills and Tails, with Semi-Precious Gemstone Accents

Hand-Drawn and Etched Copper and Sterling Silver Car Grills and Tails, with Semi-Precious Gemstone Accents

A bit of showing process.  Not everything, but the highlights... these took a total of about 16 hours over 2 days to complete.  Now they will be suspended from custom made sterling necklaces.

First, I used a special pen from Germany that has an ink that acts as a resist to the type of acid used to etch copper (it is non-toxic - made with salts).

I used line drawings of classic automobiles as guides, and freehanded the drawings.

Then I taped them off and placed them in the acid bath until the design was etched deeply into the metal.      



After removing them from the acid and scrubbing off the resist, I hand-cut them out roughly with a jeweler's saw.  Then I cut them a bit closer, before hand-filing off the edges.
  I rolled out some sterling silver sheet in a tire tracks steel pattern plate I had on hand, with my rolling mill.  Then I added a little cut-out of our logo, and soldered it on.
  I then soldered the sterling backing with the pattern side out to each of the etched copper cut out car grilles and tails.
I then cut down the shape of the silver as a backing with a border, after all were soldered together.  I added little circles of twisted sterling on each - I will later drill holes in the center to make bails for attaching to a necklace.  I also started adding copper bezel cups - the correct size - for many of the tail lights and headlights.
  Soldering the bezel cups to the pendants for later use with gemstones that I've already sized to the lights on each vehicle.


After cleaning up from soldering and then sanding the rough edges, I used a watercolor pen with a special chemical used to blacken silver and copper.

 The process of setting the stones in the cleaned bezels, then using a special hardwood tool to push the bezels up around each stone without causing any harm or scratches.  They were a perfect fit.
  After a final scrubbing with steel wool to highlight the etching after blackening, I coat them with Renaissance wax, to protect the finish.  They are now ready to be pendants!


Who'd like a custom, one of a kind necklace?

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