Trying to break back into a comfort zone with my metalwork.   What better way than to make gifts for people?  I just freeformed them all - letting the wind lead me on the design for each one.  I made I think 26 of them (30 total, I had to re-do 4 because of mistakes that were unrecoverable).  That's the thing about metal work - depending on which metal I'm working with and the design and how long a repair will take or if it's even possible... you can lose a lot of hours.

Some I like better than others - all were made with love and care over the course of several weeks.  I love this time of year because it allows me to give gifts to people from work or others who maybe I don't know so well, but would like to show my friendship and respect.  Next year, I'll probably revert back to more jewelry, bookmarks, spoons, shot glasses, garden markers, guitar picks and such... but this year, ornaments it is!  I hope those who receive them enjoy =)

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